Diver swimming over the large wheel on the Wheel Wreck

Virtual Dive Trails

Explore the submerged maritime heritage of the Isles of Scilly through 3D site plans, videos, photographs, alongside historical backgrounds to help understand each shipwreck.

Find out about the following wrecks:

  • Association
    Wrecked in 1707, cannon in deep boulder-lined gulleys
  • Bartholomew Ledges
    16th century wreck spread across a rocky ledge
  • Tearing Ledge
    The wreck of the Eagle, sank 1707, with cannon and anchors
  • The Wheel Wreck
    Large cargo mound of late 18th / early 19th century pumping equipment
  • HMS Colossus (opens in new window)
    74 gun warship built in 1787 at Gravesend and wrecked in 1798

These virtual dive tours were commissioned by Historic England and undertaken by Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Maritime Archaeology Society (CISMAS).

Sunset over the Isles of Scilly