Wheel Wreck 3D site plan

Wheel Wreck: Intro | Cargo mound | Iron cylinder |Remains of the vessel | 3D site plan | Dive video


Click the play button to begin the tour. Click anywhere on the model to stop the tour and explore the model. This model can also be viewed without the fly-around.

This interactive site plan is based upon a model of the seabed collected using multibeam sonar survey undertaken for this project. The cargo mound can be seen in the centre of the model at a low level of detail. A high detail 3D model has been produced where individual components are more clearly visible.

At any point you can click on the site plan to stop the tour and explore the site. Use your left mouse button, or one finger to rotate the model. Use your right mouse button or two fingers to pan around.

Use the menu on the bottom of the 3D site plan to explore further options.  The model is hosted by Sketchfab.

Annotated image showing controls from the Sketchfab viewer

Find out about our approach and philosophy for these 3D site plans.