3D cargo mound

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Cargo Mound: Intro and components list | Explore the cargo | 3D model 

Click the play button to begin the tour. Click anywhere on the model to stop the tour and explore the model. This model can also be viewed without the fly-around.

We are in the process of researching this wreck and identifying the components, many of which are numbered. Click a number to read more information, or explore the wreck by using your left mouse button or finger to rotate the model, and your right mouse mutton or two fingers to pan around it. You can also read a detailed list of the components found on the cargo mound.

Use the menu at the bottom of the 3D viewer to explore more advanced options.

Annotated image showing controls from the Sketchfab viewer

This model was created by diving the site and taking overlapping photographs along carefully planned routes. This included swimming in straight lines over the top of the cargo mound, as well as along as circular routes at lower angles to view along and underneath the pipes and wheels.

Of several thousand photos, 682 were selected to create this 3D model using a process called photogrammetry. The positions of the photographs used to create this model can be seen below. Specialist software was used to create and edit the model.

Screenshot of the 3D data processing
The photogrammetry model of the Wheel Wreck during processing. The camera positions of photos taken by the divers are coloured blue.